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       Title: TURKEY - SOUP INFO
  Categories: Info/tips, Poultry, Soups
       Yield: 1 servings
   Spark up hearty turkey soup with:
   :       - Shredded fresh spinach, added just before
   :       - Generous sprinkings of fresh herbs, such as
   dill, chives, basil,
   :          thyme or coriander;
   :       - a dash of hot punch from pinches of cayenne,
   chili peppers,
   :          curry powder or Tabasco;
   :       - rotini, shell noodles or orzo in place of
   egg noodles or a can
   :          of dried chick-peas or white kidney beans;
   :       - generous gratings of Parmesan or smoked
   cheese over individual
   :          bowls of soup;
   :       - Caesar or cheese-flavored croutons.