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       Title: INFO - STROGANOFF
  Categories: Info/tips, Stews
       Yield: 1 servings
   Stroganoff is traditionally served on a bed of broad
   noodles.  For something different spoon over.
   ~ Wild rice mixed with sliced green onions.
   ~ Fresh pasta made with basil, peppercorns, spinach or
   tomatoes. ~ Boiled new potatoes tossed with chopped
   Italian parsley or chives. ~ Couscous mixed with
   minced red and green peppers
   Flavour additions:
   ~ Big dashes of Tabasco Sauce.
   ~ Finely chopped canned jalapeno peppers.
   ~ Generous pinches of cumin, curry powder and coriander
   ~ Cracked black or white peppercorns.