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       Yield: 1 servings
 ---------------NUTRITIONAL INFO PER SERVING---------------
       8 oz Size
     100    Calories
       2 g  Protein
      18 g  Carbohydrate
       2 g  Fat
     125 mg Sodium
     100 mg Potassium
         mg Cholesterol
         mg Lactose
   Abersold Foods 2730 Morley Way Sacramento CA 95864
   Customer Service 916-972-9142
                    800-275-1437 Reference # 64888
   Free mixer/server with first order over $29, only if
   you include above reference number
   Contents: malto-dextrin (from potatoes), cereal solids
   (from potatoes), high oleic sunflower oil, isolated
   soy protein, fructose, dehydrated honey, dicalcium
   phosphate, calcium gluconate, calcium citrate, natural
   flavors, sea salt, certified food color, isolated
   green pea protein, carrageenan, citric acid,
   dipotassium phosphate.
   Powder lasts up to 1 year unmixed. Once mixed, 1 week+
   2qt package   $2.95 each     ($1.48 per quart)
   5lb (25+ quarts)   $29.95    ($1.17 per quart) makes
   25.6 quarts
   25lb in 5lb bags  $139.95    ($1.09 per quart) makes
   128 quarts
   50lb bag          $219.95    (.86   per quart) makes
   256 quarts
   Add $4.00 for any size order.  Comes via UPS (they
   ship quickly)
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