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       Title: FRUIT HINTS***
  Categories: Italian, Desserts, Mrs. g
       Yield: 1 servings
            - G. Granaroli XBRG76A
   I'm not at all good with desserts. My favorite thing
   after a big meal is fruit. I know, you`re going to say
   “how boring!”Just give me a chance. I have some tricks
   in my apron pocket! I`ll give you just a few ideas now.
   GRAPES...why not run them under cold water, dust with
   regular sugar and put them in the freezer for an hour?
   They won`t last long enough on your table to defrost.
   Try mixing a bowl of different colored grapes.
   PEACHES....Take about 1 peach per person, especially
   in the winter.(These Chili fruits look great, but
   their flavor is missing something.) Slice them in
   wedges, sprinkle with cinnamon, add a tbls of some
   liqueur, any flavor and cover and cook in the
   microwave for 5-7 min. Serve as you would applesauce
   with a pork roast. It`s great with any roast. You can
   also make a mixture of fruits for this, pear,
   nectarine,plums...use your immagination.
   STRAWBERRIES.....The season is coming soon and I want
   you all prepared for this one. It`s the best. I can`t
   tell you how much to make for how many people, because
   no matter how much you make it will NEVER be enough.
   Wash strawberrys well, THEN take off the top or any
   bruises. (you don`t want to wash away any flavor) cut
   each one in half or thirds if you must. Place in a
   large bowl that has a secure cover or a large jar. Add
   a few tbls sugar and the juice of a fresh lemon or
   two. Fill your container 2/3 nearly covering
   berries.Place the cover on and shake gently. Place in
   refrig for at least 6 hour turning and shaking every
   hour or so. You need not serve anything else with
   this, just make sure to provide juice glasses and a
   ladle when the berries are done. Then just sit back
   and relax.