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                    Adapting Recipes to Pressure Cooking
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 from Innova Pressure Cooker booklet, 1995:
 To adapt your own recipes to pressure cooking, follow the general directions fo
 r your recipe and reduce the cooking time two-thirds, since pressure cooking re
 quires only one-third as much time as ordinary methods of cooking.  Always add 
 water or some other liquid to the bottom of the pressure cooker.  This is neces
 sary to produce the steam necessary for pressure cooking.
 Additional information from “Cooking Under Pressure”
 For dishes requiring very little liquid:
 Place ingredients in a souffle dish or suitable heatproof alternative.  (For ex
 ample, use aluminum foil to line the steaming basket that comes with your cooke
 r.)  Eleminate  liquid ingredient if it is water, or reduce to 1/4 cup if it is
  wine, broth, or juice.
 Put the minimum quantity of water required by the manufacturer into cooker.  (I
 f you don't know the minimum ... 1 to 2 cups would be safe to try, depending on
  the size of your cooker)  Set a trivet or rack over the water.  Place dish on 
 trivet.  Lock the lid in place.  Adapt the cooking time by reducing in by 2/3’s
 .  You may find that a few more minutes under high pressure will be required to
  compensate for the addition of a cooking dish.
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