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                             Vinegar And Odors
 Recipe By     : The Many Uses of Vinegar & Baking Soda!
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 1. To stop unpleasant cooking odors from permeating throughout the entire house
 , boil a cup of two of vinegar in a pot on the stove. The odors will be absorbe
 d by the vinegar.
 2. When cooking cabbage, add a few drops of vinegar to prevent the unpleasant o
 dors in the first place.
 3. If you've accidentally burned the Sunday Pot Roast, soak a towel in vinegar,
  wring it out, and wave it around the room. The smell will be absorbed quickly-
 - and no one will know what you did to their dinner!
 4. If you've been cooking with ingredients that leave a heavy odor, such as gar
 lic or onions, quickly remove the lingering odor in your still warm pots by rin
 sing them with vinegar, then washing as usual.
 5. Glass jars can be recycled for future use once you get rid of the lingering 
 odor of its previous occupant. Fill the jar with warm water, add two tablespoon
 s vinegar and shake vigorously. Let the jars stand for a few hours, then wash a
 s usual. This is guaranteed to remove even tough odors like garlic or herring! 
 ( This is also a great way to eliminate foul odors that have formed in your pla
 stic storage containers.)
 6. If chopping onions or garlic has left a permanent odor in your wooden choppi
 ng board, remove it with a baking soda-vinegar mixture. Sprinkle the soda over 
 the entire board, then dribble on full-strength vinegar. Allow the two to bubbl
 e and foam for 10 minutes, then rinse clean.
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