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                          Vinegar And Your Dishes
 Recipe By     : The Many Uses of Vinegar & Baking Soda!
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 1. If stubborn streaks have built up on your stainless steel, first rub the are
 as with a little olive oil. Dampen a clean cloth with vinegar and wipe over the
  steel. Buff to a high shine with a clean dry cloth. This works well with all s
 tainless steel, including flatware.
 2. To remove mineral deposits from your aluminum kitchen utensils, put them in 
 a pot of boiling water with a few tablespoons vinegar. Let them boil for five m
 inutes, remove and rinse with clean water.
 3. To clean your fine sterling silver serving pieces, make a thin paste of 1/2 
 cup vinegar and 2 tablespoons baking soda or salt. Rub onto the tarnished areas
  and keep working in a circular motion until all the tarnish is gone. Rinse wit
 h clean water and dry. Buff the pieces with a soft cloth until high shine has r
 4. When you're washing your dishes, a few tablespoons of vinegar added to the s
 oapy water will cut down on the grease and add a sparkly shine to the dishes.
 5. To give your dishwashing liquid a powerful boost, add 5 tablespoons of vineg
 ar to the bottle and shake thoroughly to mix.
 6. A cup of vinegar added to the rinse water will keep your fine crystal and gl
 assware free from spotting and make drying them easier.
 7. Your everyday, dishwasher-safe glasses will look as good as the day you boug
 ht them if you remember to add a cup of vinegar to the final rinse cycle of you
 r dishwasher.
 8. If your glasses are coated with that heavy white film that builds up over ti
 me, you can remove it by soaking them in full strength vinegar for an hour. Rin
 se clean with water.
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