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                             Storage Containers
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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 Good for long term storage: Heavy duty freezer bags Heat sealed plastic food st
 orage bags Freezer boxes Rigid plastic freezer containers with lids Heavy duty 
 aluminum foil Freezer Paper Wide mouthed freezer jars Of course, metal and glas
 s casseroles with lids and aluminum foil pans
 Good ONLY for short term storage: Reusable plastic food containers (I guess the
 se are Cool Whip and butter containers?) Plastic food storage bags Regular alum
 inum foil Heavy plastic wrap
 Not Recommended for freezing: Plastic produce bags Waxed or parchment paper
 Use cardboard boxes such as cereal boxes, milk cartons or cake boxes to hold fr
 eezer bags so they easily stack. Freezer tape withstands colder temperatures th
 an regular masking or cellophane tape. Tape around lids and over the entire sea
 m to seal out air from casseroles and plastic containers. Always label bags BEF
 ORE adding food.
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