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                              TO MAKE COFFEE.
 Recipe By     : Household Cyclopedia of General Information 1881
 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Coffee
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 The best coffee is imported from Mocha. It is said to owe much of its
 superior quality to being kept long. Attention to the following
 circumstances is likewise necessary. 1. The plant should be grown in a dry
 situation and climate. 2. The berries ought to be thoroughly ripe before
 they are gathered. 3. They ought to be well dried in the sun; and 4. Kept at
 a distance from any substance (as spirits, spices, dried fish, etc.) by
 which the taste and flavor of the berry may be injured.
 To drink coffee in perfection, it should be made from the best Mocha or
 Java, or both mixed, carefully roasted, and after cooling for a few minutes,
 reduced to powder, and immediately infused, the decoction will then be of a
 superior description. But for ordinary use, Java, Laguayra, Maracaibo, Rio
 and other grades of coffee may be used. An equal mixture of Mocha, Java and
 Laguayra make an excellent flavor. We have been recently shown (1865) some
 samples of African coffee from Liberia, which is said to possess a very
 superior flavor, The following mode of preparing it may be adopted:
 1. The berries should be carefully roasted, by a gradual application of
 heat, browning, but not burning them.
 2. Grinding the coffee is preferable to pounding, because the latter process
 is thought to press out and leave on the sides of the mortar some of the
 richer oily substances' which are not lost by grinding.
 3. A filtrating tin or silver pot, with double sides, between which hot
 water must be poured, to prevent the coffee from cooling, as practised in
 Germany, is good. Simple decoction, in this implement, with boiling water is
 all that is required to make a cup of good coffee; and the use of isinglass,
 the white of eggs, etc., to fine the liquor, is quite unnecessary. By this
 means, also, coffee is made quicker than tea.
 Generally, too little powder of the berry is given, It requires about one
 small cup of ground coffee to make four cups of decoction for the table.
 This is at the rate of an ounce of good powder to four common coffee cups.
 When the powder is put in the bag, as many cups of boiling water are poured
 over it as may be wanted, and if the quantity wanted is very small, so that
 after it is filtrated it does not reach the lower end of the bag the liquor
 must be poured back three or four times, till it has acquired the necessary
 Another Method. - Pour a pint of boiling water on an ounce of coffee; let it
 boil five or six minutes, then pour out a cupful two or three times and
 return it again, put two or three isinglass chips into it, or a lump or two
 of fine sugar; boil it five minutes longer. Set the pot by the fire to keep
 hot for ten minutes, and the coffee will be beautifully clear. Some like a
 small bit of vanilla. Cream or boiled milk should always be served with
 In Egypt, coffee is made by pouring boiling rater upon ground coffee in the
 cup; to which only sugar is added. For those who like it extremely strong,
 make only eight cups from three ounces. If not fresh roasted, lay it before
 a fire till hot and dry; or put the smallest bit of fresh butter into a
 preserving-pan; when hot throw the coffee into it, and toss it about till it
 be freshened.
 Coffee most certainly promotes wakefulness, or, in other words, it suspends
 the inclination to sleep.
 A very small cup of coffee, holding about a wineglassfull, called by the
 French une demi tasse, drunk after dinner very strong, without cream or
 milk, is apt to promote digestion.
 Persons afflicted with asthma have found great relief, and oven a cure, from
 drinking very strong coffee, and those of a phlegmatic habit would do well
 to take it for breakfast. It is of a rather drying nature, and with
 corpulent habits it would also be advisable to take it for breakfast.
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