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                    Arabian Method of Preparing Coffee.
 Recipe By     : Household Cyclopedia of General Information 1881
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 The Arabians, when they take their coffee off the fire, immediately wrap the
 vessel in a wet cloth, which fines the liquor instantly, makes it cream at
 the top, and occasions a more pungent steam, which they take great pleasure
 in snuffing up as the coffee is pouring into the cups. They, like all other
 nations of the East, drink their coffee without sugar.
 People of the first fashion use nothing but Sultana coffee, which is
 prepared in the following manner: Bruise the outward husk or dried pulp, and
 put it into an iron or earthen pan, which is placed upon a charcoal fire;
 then keep stirring it to and fro, until it becomes a little brown, but not
 of so deep a color as common coffee; then throw it into boiling water,
 adding at least the fourth part of the inward husks, which is then boiled
 together in the manner of other coffee. The husks must be kept in a very dry
 place, and packed up very close, for the least humidity spoils the flavor.
 The liquor prepared in this manner is esteemed preferable to any other. The
 French, when they were at the court of the king of Yemen, saw no other
 coffee drank, and they found the flavor of it very delicate and agreeable.
 There was no occasion to use sugar, as it had no bitter taste to correct.
 Coffee is less unwholesome in tropical than in other climates.
 In all probability the Sultana coffee can only be made where the tree grows;
 for, as the husks have little substance if they are much dried, in order to
 send them to other countries, the agreeable flavor they had when fresh is
 greatly impaired.
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