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                       Improvement in making Coffee.
 Recipe By     : Household Cyclopedia of General Information 1881
 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Coffee
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 Improvement in making Coffee.
 The process consists in simmering over a small but steady flame of a lamp.
 To accomplish this a vessel of peculiar construction is requisite. It should
 be a straightsided pot, as wide at the top as at the bottom, and inclosed in
 a case of similar shape, to which it must be soldered airtight at the top.
 The case to be above an inch wider than the pot, and descending somewhat
 less than an inch below it. It should be entirely open at the bottom, thus
 admitting and confining a body of hot air round and underneath the pot. The
 lid to be double, and the vessel, of course, furnished with a convenient
 handle and spout.
 The extract may be made either with hot water or cold. If wanted for speedy
 use, hot water, not actually boiling, will be proper, and the powdered
 coffee being added, close the lid tight, stop the spout with a cork, and
 place the vessel over the lamp. It will soon begin to simmer, and may remain
 unattended, till the coffee is wanted. It may then be strained through a bag
 of stout, close linen, which will transmit the liquid so perfectly clear as
 not to contain the smallest particle of the powder.
 Though a fountain lamp is preferable, any of the common small lamps, seen in
 every tin shop, will answer the purpose. Alcohol, pure spermaceti oil, or
 some of the recent preparations of petroleum are best, and if the wick be
 too high, or the oil not good, the consequence will be smoke, soot, and
 extinction of the aroma. The wick should be little more than one-eighth of
 an inch high. In this process, no trimming is required. It may be left to
 simmer, and will continue simmering all night without boiling over, and
 without any sensible diminution of quantity.
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