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       Title: Smoking Salmon And Trout Part VIII - Making Lox
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   There are three products called Lox: old fashioned Lox, Nova Lox and
   Lox Salmon [ plus a whole lot of other smoked and pickled products
   using the name but bearing little resemblance to any of these].
   Old fashioned Lox: Freshen mild-salted fish [salting instructions
   follow in a later chapter] by soaking in several changes of water.
   Thin pieces will require less time than thick pieces that may take up
   to 24 hours. Test by tasting, remembering that the subsequent smoking
   will dry the fish and concentrate the saltiness. Drain the freshened
   fish on the smoking racks. Smoke at 85 deg F with medium density
   smoke for 6-8 hrs [forced draft] or 12-16 hrs [natural draft]. Cool
   the fish before wrapping and freeze any surplus. Lox is perishable.
   Nova Lox and Lox Salmon: Fish may be either fresh or frozen. Frozen is
   actually better as the freezing and thawing removes some of the
   moisture. If the fish are frozen whole, fillet them when they are
   half thawed. Cut into pieces according to thickness. Use the thick
   portions for Lox and the thin ones in kippering, drying, canning or
   eating fresh. Make a dry salt-sugar mix of equal parts sugar and
   pickling salt. Dry salt by placing the pieces in a container of mix.
   Cover each piece but do not rub it into the flesh. Sprinkle some mix
   into a container and lay the salt mix dredged pieces on it skin side
   down. Sprinkle each layer with more mix and add another layer etc.
   Times for salting according to thickness are the same as for Scotch
   smoked dry salting above.
   Remove the pieces from the mix, rinse and drain. Now brine the pieces
   in 90 deg sal brine [2 1/2 c salt per 2 qts water] with optional bay
   leaves included. Keep brine and fish cool throughout the process.
   Then freshen the fish under running water more or less to taste; the
   table is just an approximation.
   Thickness             Brining Time            Freshening Time
   3/4                    9 hrs                     45 min
     1                   12 hrs                      1 hr 1 1/2 18 hrs
   1 1/2 hrs
     2                   24 hrs                      2 hrs
   At this point decide whether you want smoked Nova Lox or unsmoked Lox
   Salmon. For Nova Lox smoke as for old fashioned Lox. For Lox Salmon
   the pieces must be dried without heat until firm enough for slicing.
   A frost free refrigerator will dry uncovered Lox enough to firm it.
   Extracted from: Smoking Salmon & Trout by Jack Whelan. Published by:
   Airie Publishing, Deep Bay, B.C. ISBN: 0-919807-00-3 Posted by: Jim