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       Title: Smoking Salmon And Trout Part X - Smoking Small Trout
  Categories: Fish, Smoke, Info
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   Unboned: Make an 80 deg sal brine with 8.5 oz salt per quart water,
   score skin and brine 1 hr. Spit them through the eyes with a heavy
   wire [a welding rod works well here]and hold the belly open with
   small match stick sized sticks. Dry at 90 deg F for 30 min [forced
   draft] or 1 hr or more [natural draft]. Then smoke at 160 deg F for 1
   1/2 hrs [forced] or 3 hrs or more [natural].
   Boned: Make an 80 deg sal brine and brine 8 min stirring often.
   Depending on the shape desired and the boning method used, spit
   through the eyes and prop open with match stick sized wood, or hang
   over a dowel, or rolled and skewered. Drying and smoking temps and
   times are the same as for unboned.
   Extracted from: Smoking Salmon & Trout by Jack Whelan. Published by:
   Airie Publishing, Deep Bay, B.C. ISBN: 0-919807-00-3 Posted by: Jim