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                        Lisas' List of Substitutions D-R
 Recipe By     : Compiled By Lisa Lepsy
 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
           Eggs          Whole=2 T oil+1 T water or
                         1 t corn starch+3 T liquid or
                         If short one egg add 1 t vinegar or
                         1 t baking powder
           Fines Herbes  Equal amounts parsley, tarragon, chervil
                         and chives
           Five Spice    Powder for oriental cooking=
                         Equal amounts of anise, fennel, pepper,
                         cinnamon, and cloves
           Flour         Self Rising, per 1 cup=
                         1 C flour + 1/4 t baking powder and pinch
                         of salt
           Garlic        1 clove=1/4 t minced dried, 1/8 t powdered
                         1/4 t juice,1/2 t salt omit salt in recipe
           Ghee          Clarified Butter
           Ginger        powdered use less
           Ginger        Powdered=1/3 mace+ 2/3 lemon peel
           Honey         in baking= 1 1/4 C sugar+1/4C more liquid
           Honey         Mustard=2T honey+3 Tbyellow mustard
           Honey         Butter=1T honey+3 T butter creamed
           Lemon Peel    grated=equal amount of marmalade
           Lychee        peeled grapes
           Mango         Peach with a little lemon and allspice
           Marjoram      oregano use less, thyme
           Marshmallows  1 large=6 miniature, 11 large= 1 cup
           Masa          corn flour
           Mascarpone    cream cheese blended with a little butter
                         or heavy cream
           Mayonnaise    yogurt, sour cream
           Molasses      In baking 1 C=3/4 C white or brown sugar
                         plus 1/4 C liquid
           Mustard       Dry= 1T prepared
           Mustard       Hot Chinese=Colemans English dry mustard
                         prepared with water
           Mustard       Prepared=1 t dry+1/2 t water+2 drops
                         of vinegar
           Nutmeg        Allspice, cloves
           Orange Peel   Lemon or lime peel or marmalade
           Oregano       marjoram, rosemary, thyme
           Paprika       Turmeric with cayenne pepper
           Parsley       Chervil, tarragon
           Pecans        Walnuts in smaller amounts
           Pimento       Sweet red pepper roasted and peeled
           Pine Nuts     Blanched peeled slivered almonds
           Prawns        Shrimp
           Prosciutto    Smoked ham hocks
           Pumpkin       Acorn or butternut squash
           Quince        pears or apples
           Raisins       currants or prunes
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