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                        Lisas' List of Substitutions A-D
 Recipe By     : Compiled By Lisa Lepsy
 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : 
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
           Allspice      1/4 t cinnamon + 1/2 t ground cloves
           Almonds       1 lb.shelled=1 1/2 cups
                         1 lb. in shell=3 1/2 cups
           Anise         Fennel or Cumin
           Anise Seed    Fennel Seed or Caraway Seed
           Apples        1 cup chopped=1 cup pears chopped -- + 1 T lemon
           Arrowroot     flour for thickening
           Bacon         Smoked Ham in cooking
           Baking powdr  1 teaspoon double acting =
                         1/2 t crm of tartar and 1/4 t soda or
                         4 t quick cooking tapioca
           Basil         tarragon or summer savory
           Basmati       long grain white rice
           Bay Leaf      thyme
           Bok Choy      Napa Cabbage, Savoy Cabbage, Green Cabbage
           Bouquet Garn  3 sprigs parsley, a bay leaf, 1sprig thyme
           Brandy        Cognac or Rum
           Bread Crumbs  1/4 C dry=1/4 c cracker crumbs or
                         1/2 slice bread toasted and crumbled or
                         1/4 C rolled oats or
                         1/4 C corn flakes crushed or
                         1/4 C flour
           Beef Broth    1 bullion cube + 1 C water= 1 cup or
                         1 cup beef consomme`
           Bulger        cracked wheat or
                         brown rice or
           Butter        margarine, or shortening in baking -- don't sub oil
           Butter 1 cup  7/8 C shortening or
                         7/8 C corn oil
           Buttermilk    1 C milk+ 1 3/4 T cream of tartar or
                         sour cream
           Capers        Chopped green olives
           Capon         Large roasting chicken
           Cardamom      cinnamon or mace
           Cayenne       chili powder or ground hot red pepper
           Celery        green pepper, jicama, bean sprouts, or
           Celery Seed   dill seed
           Chervil       parsley, tarragon use less, anise use less
           Chives        green onion tops, or shallots use less or
                         onion powder, or leeks
           Chocolate     baking, unsweetened, 1 oz. or square=
                         3 T cocoa powder + 1 T butter or
                         3 T carob powder + 2 T water
           Chocolate     baking, unsweetened, pre melted 1oz. =
                         3 T cocoa powder+1T oil or shortening -- melted
           Chocolate     semi-sweet, 6 oz. chips, bits, or squares=
                         9 T cocoa powder+ 7 T sugar+3 T butter
           Cinnamon      allspice use less, cardamom
           Clove         ground=allspice, nutmeg,mace
           Corn Meal     grits, polenta
           Corn Starch   flour for thickening
           Corn Syrup    1 1/4 C sugar+1/3 C liquid boiled -- light 1 Cup
           Cream         Clotted, = heavy cream whipped, or
                         sour cream with pinch of baking soda or
                         cre`me fraishe
           Cream         Heavy, not for whipping=
                         3/4 Cup milk+ 1/4 Cup butter or
                         2/3 C evaporated milk
           1/2&1/2       1/2 C heavy cream+1/2 C milk or
                         7/8 Cup milk=3 T butter or
                         1/2 Cup evaporated milk+1/2 Cup milk
           Cream Cheese  cottage cheese blended with a little cream
           Cumin         1/3 anise+1/3 caraway, fennel
           Currants      Dried=raisins or dates
           Dates         raisins, figs or prunes
           Dill Seed     Caraway, celery seed
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