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                          BREADMAKER HINTS #2 REV
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                         Judy Garnett pjxg05a
      I've found that I can use butter, margarine, diet margarine
   (although it does add a little moisture), olive oil, etc. for the
   fat. I add 3 T. buttermilk powder to many of the recipes. I add it on
   top of the flour, but I have heard that many people add it right
   after the yeast. Eggbeaters and dry egg substitutes work fine, too. I
   often add 1/2 cup of sourdough starter to my breads. I have 3
   starters: white sourdough, potato (sweet bread) starter, and whole
   wheat starter. I decrease the water or milk called for in recipes
   when I add a starter.
     Although the DAK takes 3 c flour, you can use more if you are making
   whole wheat or other dark breads because it doesn't rise as much. If
   you are making rye or pumpernickel, your bread will be a smaller,
   denser loaf when baked. If you are adding nuts or raisins to your
   recipe, shake them in a baggie with about 2 tsp. flour BEFORE adding
   them to the dough. The time to add them is towards the END of the
   second cycle when you hear the beeps. Raisins add a little moisture
   to the dough so you'll probably need a tad more flour after adding
   them in order for the dough not to be sticky.
     I know that there are gadgets out now to help with slicing
   Breadmaker Bread, however I still use my trusty electric knife to
   slice it. Since my Breadmaker makes round bread, I slice it in half
   vertically first and then slice each half into slices. After it has
   COMPLETELY cooled, I store it in baggies. The first day, I just leave
   it on the counter. After that, I store it in the refrig. or freezer.
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