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      Title: How to Set Buckwheat 
 Categories: Bread Osg1966 Info
   Servings: 1
   In the evening take 1 qt. lukewarm water; put in crock; add 1 c. sweet
   milk and a little salt. Add 1 c. Witch yeast or 1 cake yeast which has
   been soaked. Thicken with buckwheat flour, including 1/2 c. wheat     
   flour. In the morning stir in a little soda and 1/2 tin cup           
   buttermilk. That evening add sufficient water to make desired amount; 
   thicken and let stand over night. Next morning thin as before. These  
   are very good cakes.                                                  
   Source: Mrs. Pearl Temple, Jefferson Grange, KNox County, OH