Great Sources of Calcium
 Dark green vegetables, such as broccoli and collard, mustard, and turnip 
 greens are much better sources of calcium than milk. A single cup of 
 broccoli contains almost a fourth of the U.S. RDA of calcium. Another good 
 source is calcium-fortified orange juice. Beans and tortillas are also
 good sources of calcium.
 Some people do need hormone treatments and/or calcium supplementation for 
 varying conditions. The risks and benefits should be discussed with one’s 
 Good Sources of Calcium (single servings) 
 Broccoli, boiled (95g or 3.5 oz)      72 mg
 Spinach, boiled (130g or 5 oz)       208 mg
 Chick peas, boiled (200g or 8 oz)     92 mg
 Baked beans (200g or 8 oz)            90 mg
 Tofu (60g or 2 oz)                   304 mg**
 Dried figs (4 figs)                  168 mg
 Sesame seeds (15g or 0.5 oz)          20 mg
 Brazil nuts (9 nuts, 30 g)            54 mg
 Cows milk (0.3 pint)                 234 mg
 Cheddar cheese (slice, 40 g)         288 mg
 Soya cheese (slice, 40 g)            180 mg
 Fair Sources 
 Brown bread (2 slices)                70 mg
 Dried apricots (8 apricots)           46 mg
 Cottage cheese (45g or 1.5 oz)        33 mg
 French beans, boiled (100g)           41 mg
 **my note--some tofu is made with Calcium nitrate as the coagulant, and 
 is therefore a good source of calcium.  Some tofu is made with nigari as 
 the coagulant, and does not have much calcium.  Read the label.