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       Title: ALL ABOUT CHOCOLATE #1
  Categories: Chocolate, Info/tips
       Yield: 1 servings
 MMMMM---------------------TYPES OF CHOCOLATE--------------------------
   UNSWEETENED CHOCOLATE: The basic chocolate from which all other
   porducts are made.  It is molded into 1-ounce blocks and sold in
   8-ounce packages. It may also be sold melted and packaged in
   envelopes. SEMISWEET CHOCOLATE: Unsweetened chocolate with sugar,
   extra cocoa butter, and flavorings added to give it a satiny gloss.
   It is molded into 1-ounce blocks and sold in 8-ounce packages or
   formed into chocolate chips. SWEET BAKING CHOCOLATE (GERMAN SWEET
   CHOCOLATE): Similar to semisweet chocolate, but has more sugar and is
   packaged in 4-ounce bars. MILK CHOCOLATE: Sweet chocolate with milk
   added. It is sold in various shapes and bars. ALMOND BARK: An
   artificial chocolate made with vegetable fats instead of cocoa
   butter, with coloring and flavorings added. It is sold in 1 1/2-
   pound packages or in blocks and round discs where candy supplies are
   sold. UNSWEETENED COCOA: A form of pure chocolate with most of the
   cocoa butter removed and ground into powder. It is sold in 8-ounce or
   16-ounce cans. CHOCOLATE-FLAVORED SYRUP: A combination of cocoa, corn
   syrup, and flavoring and is available in various sizes in jars, cans,
   or plastic containers. Formatted by Rose Capoccia   From CHOCOLATE