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  Categories: Beverages
       Yield: 1 servings
 -----------------FOR FRUIT AND MILK DRINKS-----------------
            Mint leaves
            Lemon or lime slices
            Orange slices
            Maraschino cherries; on
            Whipped cream
            Candy canes
            Pineapple chunks; on
            -toothpicks with cherries
            Strawberries, fresh; on
            Chocolate; shavings or curls
            Coconut; shredded
            -Ice cubes with frozen fruit
            -inside or chunks of fruit
            -dipped in lemon juice &
 -------------------FOR VEGETABLE DRINKS-------------------
            Celery; sticks
            Carrot; sticks or curls
            Lemon; or lime spirals
            Chives; chopped
            Pepper; freshly ground
            Olives, black or green
            -on toothpicks
            Radish; spirals
 ------------------------FOR COFFEES------------------------
            Cinnamon sticks
            Whipped cream; topped with
            -cinnamon or shaved
 ----------------FROSTING GLASSES (SEE BELOW----------------
   To frost glasses: Dip glasses into water, and while
   still dripping wet, place them in the freezer of the
   refrigerator. Leave them at least 2 or 3 hours.
   Sugar Frosted Glasses:  (for fruit drinks) Moisten top
   of glass and rim area with a wedge of lemon, lime or
   orange. Just rub it along the glass edge, then dip in
   superfine sugar & place in freezer for a few hours.
   Moistener could be grenadine syrup.
   Salt Frosted Glasses: (for vegetable drinks) Use salt
   along the rim area.
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