I thought I'd write down the things that 
 helped me the most to get started on VLF
 eating habits and are making it easy to
 stay there, too: 
 1) Rice Cooker. Cost: 40.-. With Steamer inset.
    Allows me to cook FF foods with minimal 
    effort, especially for lunches to take to work.
 2) Full spice rack with herbs, spices, FF sauces,
    vinegars, FF dressings, etc. Allows me to
    cook interesting foods without shopping.
    Cost varies, but was built up gradually.
 3) A larder, stocked with canned veggies, FF
    snacks, and a freezer compartment with
    a selection of favorite frozen veggies.
    Allows me to snack on the healthy foods that
    I prefer. Cost: Comes from food budget. I
    actually spend less on food than I used to.
 4) Bread Maker. Cost: 200.-. Sweet breads,
    spicy breads, heavy breads, light breads,
    all FF, fresh and enticing. Who needs chips!
 5) The Ornish book with many, many gourmet
    recipes. My family is in the deli food
    business. Gourmet food is a basic food
    group to me. Thank Ornish I don't have to
    live without it! Cost: ~20.- for hardcover
 6) This mailing list. You all know the benefits....
    Cost: Free or cost of email carrier.
 Note on cost: I have definitly passed the break-even
               point of the initial investments. Healthy
               ingredients are cheaper! Isnt' that funny!