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       Title: Magnificent Muffin Baking Hints
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   Baking a magnificent muffin is quick and easy.  All you need is some
   basic equipment and an understanding of how to prepare your batter.
   The basis of muffin baking is to create a DRY and a MOIST mixture in
   separate bowls.  They are then combined quickly with a minimum amount
   of stirring.  You want to moisten the dry mixture, but still have a
   lumpy batter.  The batter should then be put immediately into the
   muffin tins and baked with careful attention to the required oven
   Here are a few quick tips for baking a magnificent muffin:
   Remember that there is a very real difference between 'All-Purpose
   Flour' and 'Cake and Pastry Flour'. Be sure to use the type specified
   for the recipe.
   Even if you buy pre-sifted flour, you will get better results by
   sifting and then measuring.
   DO NOT OVERMIX you batter or the result will be a tough muffin with
   poor texture.
   When combining the moist and dry mixtures, always make a well in the
   dry and pour the moist into the well.  Stir the two until combined,
   but still lumpy.
   Prepare the cups by greasing lightly.  If you have non stick, no
   greasing is necessary.
   ALWAYS preheat your oven.
   If you have muffin cups that do not have batter in them, fill them
   half way with water while the tray is in the oven. This will make
   sure that the muffins will bake evenly.
   Always test your muffins for doneness.  A muffin shoul not be spongy
   on the top but should be spring to firm.  A Toothpick inserted in the
   center of the muffin should come out clean if it is completely baked.
   Baked muffins should be cooled briefly in the muffin tins and then
   removed to racks.
   If you are planning on FREEZING, be sure they are completely cooled
   to room temperature before you wrap then in foil and freeze them.
   Source:  Magnificent Muffins Cookbook