There are several techniques that you could use to get your non-stick pan
 back in shape providing that there is no damage and the pan was in good
 condition when you purchased it.
 Use Fat so you don't have to use Fat. :-))  Meaning that you probably
 should re-season the pan.  At this point you should first wash it in the sink
 with a good detergent and a plastic mesh (Dobbie style) sponge. Of course,
 don't use Brillo or SOS pads that could scrape the surface.  Rinse well and
 dry.  Set on stove pour vegetable oil (if you can find any at your house)
 into the pan and bring the temperature up to 350 degrees (this should be
 lower than the smoking point of the oil).  TURN OFF HEAT and let pan and
 oil stand over night.  Pour off oil and DON'T WASH.  Just wipe with a paper
 towel till dry and put it away.  It is now seasoned.
 2nd technique for seasoning would be to wipe the pan with an oil drenched
 paper towel and place on hot stove, WATCHING carefully as the temperature
 mounts. Just before it begins to smoke, take it away from the heat and let
 it stand un-disturbed overnight. Then wipe dry and put away.
 A truly good non-stick pan really doesn't have to be washed at all after
 you remove the cooked food.  Just wipe the pan with a paper towel.  If there
 is some residue just pour some SALT into the pan and use a paper towel to
 use the salt as an abrasive to remove the material.  Then just put the
 pan away -- no washing needed.