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       Title: Menu for Medieval Christmas Dinner***Fjvs25a
  Categories: Ethnic, Desserts, Pork/ham
       Yield: 6 servings
            Old English Sherry Cheese                Carrots & Grapes Vermouth
            Puffs                                    Herbed Green Beans
            Merrie Crown Roast of Pork               Royal Toast Triangles
            Savory Rice Stuffing                     Cran-Brandy Pudding &
            Lady Apple Fruit Wreath                  Golden Toffee Sauce
            Duchess Potato Puffs                     Claret Cup
 --------------------------------EXTRA TREAT--------------------------------
   See recipes to follow and have a Merry Ole Yuletide!!
   I have not tested any of these recipes, but thought you all would enjoy!
   Marilyn Sultar