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       Title: Csi C (Holesterol) S (Aturated Fat) I (Ndex)
  Categories: Misc
       Yield: 1 Servings
       1    Ml
   The Cholesterol-Saturated Fat Index: "In order to make
   it easier for people to select foods that are low in
   BOTH cholesterol and saturated fats, we have devised a
   Cholesterol-Saturated FAt Index (CSI). The CSI enables
   you to grasp the contribution of both saturated fat
   AND cholesterol in one food compared to another. The
   CSI reflects our findings that the amount of saturated
   fat in the diet is just as important as the amount of
   cholesterol in terms of dietary control of the
   cholesterol and LDL in the blood.
       The lower the CSI number, the better the food
   choice for the prevention of heart disease (and the
   other disorders.....).
    The New American Diet bySonja L. Connor,M.S.,R.D and
   William E. Connor,M.D. I recomend very highly that you
   purchase and read the Connor’s book. Besides the
   recipes which are included in this DB the book is
   filled with the latest research on degenerative
   diseases and diet.
                                         Craig Dawson