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                              Fat Substitutes
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 One of the big problems for Vegetarian Very Low Fat cooking is how to 
 remove oil and other fats from recipies to adapt them to your new cooking 
 style.  Here are a list of substitutions we collected from a variety of 
 1.  1 egg
 You can use 2 egg whites instead of one egg.
 2.  3 tablespoons oil (1.2. oz.wt.)
 You can use 3 tablespoons of applesauce (in baking).
 3.  Substitute  Corn Syrup.   (  light )  in any recipe calling for
 butter.  The result is a much lighter muffin.
 > 6 ounces prunes
 > 1 cup water
 > 2 tsp. vanilla
 5. I use tofu in baked goods in place of the oil.  It adds moisture & protien
 without much fat.  There is no taste to speak of and the consistancy is a
 little heavy, but with some experimenting I'm sure you can find the right
 amount.  My kids (20 & 23) don't even know it’s there, and I have a hard
 time getting them to eat tofu, because it sounds too healthy.
 6. substitute in fat free cream cheese for the butter 
 (suggested in a fudge recipe).
 > While keying in some of my ancient recipies to MasterCook the other day, I
 >came across this interesting substitution -- a rice puree substitute for
 >oil in salad dressings.
 >It is prepared by cooking 1/2 cup rice in 4 cups water till very soft
 >(45 minutes, as I recall), then pureeing it in a blender or food processor.
 >Supposedly, the bland flavor blends well with other dressing ingredients, and
 >the puree also holds herbs and spices in suspension.  No specific substitution
 >quantities were given; the author advised experimentation.
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