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       Yield: 6 servings
       1    8 x 8 in Jus-rol Puff Pastry
            -Sheet, thawed
            Beaten egg to glaze
       6 oz Kipper pate
       2 tb Single cream
       1 tb Lemon juice
       3 oz Cucumber, grated
       4 tb Fromage frais
       1 tb Single cream
       2 ts Chopped fresh mint
         sm Clove of garlic, crushed
            Lemon slices and cucumber
            -for garnish
   Roll out the pastry to form a 25.5cm (l0in) square.
   Cut iu half then cut each piece lengthways to give 12
   slices. Brush with beaten egg and place on a baking
   sheet. Bake at 200oC (400oF ) mark 6 for about lOmin,
   or until risen and golden. Meanwhile mix together the
   pate, cream and lemon juice. Season. Combine the
   remaining ingredients to give the cucumber dressing a
   runny consistency, seasoning to taste. Cool pastry on
   a wire raek, trim and sandwich in pairs with pate.
   Arrange on plates with dressing and garnish with lemon
   slices and cucumber. Serve cold.
   Source: Jus-rol: Pastry for today