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 Serving Size  : 100  Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Appetizers                       Tofu
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
   50       lb           Waller Waller Onions
      1/4   lb           Pickling Spices
      1/4   lb           Crushed Red Peppers
   10       ga           Red Wine Vinegar Or Ripple
    5       lb           Sugar
    2 1/2   ga           Water Or More Ripple
      3/4   lb           Salt
   25       lb           Fresh Squidlets *
   25       lb           Tofu Cut Into 1 Cubes **
    2       qt           Tabascar Sauce
    8       lb           Minced Garlic
    1       d            Secret Curmudgeon Sauce ***
   *   Squid should be at least bait quality if fresh
   squid are not available. **  Tofu should be freshly
   made to Al’s personal specifications. *** Al’s Secret
   Curmudgeon Sauce really contains 1 Quart Sweat Sauce,
   1 quart Nam Pla (Fish Sauce), 1 quart Wednesday’s
   Frosties, 1 Gallon Justin Wilson’s Dehydrator Barbecue
   Sauce and six dozen crushed Nieman Marcus $250.00
   ~----------------- Remove skins from Walla Walla
   onions.  Wash squid, remove skin and entrails, leaving
   tentacles.  Carefully cube tofu into exact 1 cubes,
   cause Al is particular or is that peculiar anyway 1
   cubes please. Set squid aside in the sun while
   preparing brine/pickling mixture.
   In a 55 gallon oak barrel place the red wine vinegar,
   water, salt, sugar, Tabasco sauce and Secret
   Curmudgeon Sauce; mix thoroughly.  Add minced garlic
   (Al usually uses 16 pounds per batch), Pickling spice,
   crushed red pepper and stir until well mixed.
   Place the onions, squid and tofu into brine solution
   making sure everything is submerged.  If necessary
   place a manhole cover on top of everything to keep the
   ingredients submerged.  Allow the process to continue
   as long as you possibly stand without sampling.  It
   should be ready just about picnic time.  That’s all
   ther is to it Folks.  Named after the Patron
   Curmudgeon Of The Cooking Echo Al Martin.
   Al Martin mistakenly left this recipe in the Tofu
   Cookbook he had borrowed from the Portland Public
   Library where it was on loan from the Escondido
   California Public Library.  Typed for your personal
   pleasure by Syd Bigger.
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