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                     BOOLAWNEE ( FRIED LEEK PASTRIES )
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 Serving Size  : 32   Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Appetizers                       Vegetarian
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    2       c            Plain flour
      1/2   ts           Salt
      2/3   c            Cold water
                         -----LEEK FILLING-----
    2                    Leeks (2 leeksÿc chopped)
    2       ts           Salt
      1/4   ts           Hot chili pepper
    3       ts           Oil
                         -----TO FINISH-----
                         Oil for deep frying
   Sift flour and salt into a bowl, make a well in the
   centre and add water. Mix to a firm dough and knead
   for 5 minutes until elastic, dusting with more flour
   if necessary.  Wrap in plastic film and leave to rest
   for 30 minutes.
   Cut most of the green tops from leeks, halve
   lengthwise and rinse well to remove all traces of soil
   between leaves.  Remove roots and dry leeks with paper
   towels.  Place flat on board, cut along length at 5 mm
   (1/4 inch) intervals than across to dice.  Measure in
   cup measure and place in bowl. Add salt and chili
   pepper and knead with hand to soften leeks.   Stir in
   oil. Roll pieces of dough into balls the size of a
   large hazelnut and roll thinly into a 10 cm (4 inch)
   circle.  Alternatively roll out dough and cut into 10
   cm (4 inch) rounds.  Place about 2 teaspoons leek
   filling in centre of circle, moisten pastry half way
   round edge of circle and fold pastry over filling.
   Press edge to seal well, and using the edge of a
   thimble, (the traditional method) or a coffee spoon
   make little crescent- shaped marks around the edge, or
   press with fork. Fry 3 or 4 at a time in hot oil until
   golden brown, turning to brown evenly. Drain on paper
   towels and serve hot or warm.
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