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  Categories: Chinese, Appetizers
       Yield: 1 Servings
    1.75    Ground meat (beef , pork or
            -mix of two)
 MMMMM-------------------------BASIC MIX------------------------------
    2.00    Eggs
    3.00 tb Soy sauce (light
    3.00 tb Sherry
    1.00 ts Grated fresh ginger
    0.50 ts White pepper
    2.00 tb Sesame oil
    3.00    Chopped little green
    2.00 tb Corn starch
    4.00 tb Chopped water chestnut
    3.00    Clove garlic, minced
 MMMMM----------------------EXTRA CONDIMENTS---------------------------
    1.50 ts Red chili sauce with
    2.00 ts Spicy brown bean sauce
    3.00 ts Hosin sauce
    1.00 ts Grated orange peel
    1.00 pk Wonton skins
   in a large bowl, mix meat well with remaining BASIC ingredients. mix
   until smooth.
   Separate mix into four equal parts.  For each part, add one of the
   EXTRA condiments -- mix well.
   To stuff the dumplings, put about one overflowing teaspoon or pecan
   sized ball into a wonton skin.  Fold into shape.  Possible shapes are
   purse , fish , chocolate kiss, nurses cap, or whatever. Parts of the
   wonton skin that are sticking out may get tough, so keep this to a
   minimum. Use a different shape for each condiment so that you will
   know what is what.
   To cook, place on top of lettuce leaf on steam rack ( the leaf helps
   prevent sticking).  Be very careful not to let them touch each other
   or else they will stick.  Steam for 20 minutes.  Eat hot. Can be
   frozen and reheated in microwave.
   == Courtesy of Dale & Gail Shipp, Columbia Md. == Converted by MMCONV
   vers. 1.50