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 Stock your shelves with these ingredients and you can make antipasto
 in minutes. In the cupboard: Canned Italian tuna in olive oil, canned
 anchovy fillets, canned sardines, imported green and black olives,
 jarred pickled vegetables, dried dates and prunes, capers,
 breadsticks, extra virgin olive oil, dried tomatoes, wine and balsamic
 vinegars In the refrigerator: Celery, carrots, lemons,
 Parmigiano-Reggiano, provolone In the freezer: Roasted peppers and
 Italian bread
 A simple antipasto platter can be assembled from jarred pickled
 vegetables, canned tuna, firm sharp cheese, olives, and breadsticks.
 The following are some additional quick and easy ideas:
 Pitted dates slit and stuffed with small pieces of
 Thin slices of proscuitto, ham or salami, wrapped around thin bread
 sticks, cooked asparagus spears, wedges of pears or persimmon.
 Thin slices of smoked salmon wrapped around thin bread sticks.
 Dried tomatoes soaked in warm water and drained, then puree with
 garlic, olive oil, basil, and balsamic vinegar and spread on toast or
 Raw vegetables fennel, Belgian endive, carrots, celery, cut into
 spears to dip in olive oil seasoned with coarse salt and freshly
 cracked pepper.
 Bite size wedges of Parmigiano-Reggiano seasoned with a drop of
 balsamic vinegar.
 Fresh goat cheese drizzled with olive oil, chopped garlic, crushed red
 pepper, and oregano, parsley or basil.
 Balls or cubes of fresh mozzarella tossed with olive oil, chopped
 anchovies, parsley and crushed red pepper.
 Thin slices of leftover focaccia or Italian loaf brushed with olive
 oil and herbs and baked until crisp.
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