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      title: pork skewers with bacon sauce
 categories: appetizer
   servings: 60
      60 ea bamboo skewer
       5 lb country-style pork spareribs
     1/4 lb sliced bacon
     1/2 c  sugar
     1/2 c  white wine vinegar
     1/2 c  red wine vinegar
       4 ea egg
 cut spareribs into thin slices or 1-inch cubes
 thread onto skewers
 place into a 9x13x2 glass pan, set aside
 cook bacon slices in a large skillet, until crisp
 drain well, reserving rendered fat
 crumble bacon, set aside
 combine sugar and vinegars-mix well
 pour over skewers
 cover and allow to stand for 30 minutes
 remove skewers, reserve marinade
 grill or broil skewers to desired doneness
 remove to a serving platter
 heat reserved fat in a non-stick skillet, over a medium flame stir in
 reserved marinade and
 beaten eggs
 heat and stir until slightly thickened
 remove from heat
 stir in crumbled bacon
 pour over skewers
 serve warm