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      title: mini ham strudels
 categories: appetizer
   servings: 15
       1 t  unsalted butter
     1/4 c  onion
       1 c  smoked ham
       2 c  frozen chopped spinach
       2 c  bean sprouts
     1/2 c  water chestnuts
       1 t  ginger
       1 t  soy sauce
       2 t  cornstarch
       5    sheets frozen filo dough
       1 t  unsalted butter
       2 t  dry mustard
       1 t  water
 heat 1 tablespoon butter in a skillet, over a medium flame add onions and
 ham, heat and stir for
 4-5 minutes
 squeeze moisture from spinach
 add sprouts, spinach, water chestnuts, and ginger
 heat and stir for 2 minutes
 combine soy sauce and cornstarch, stir to dissolve
 add to mixture in skillet
 heat and stir until thickened
 remove from heat
 cut each filo sheet into 6) 5-1/2 inch squares
 arrange into 15 stacks of 2 squares each
 place 2 tablespoons filling onto a corner of each stack
 fold both layers of corner to center, over filling
 fold in sides over filling and roll to remaining corner
 place, seam-side down, onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet brush with
 melted butter
 bake @ 350 degrees for 25 minutes, until golden
 combine mustard and water-mix well
 let stand for 5 minutes
 serve hot, with mustard to the side