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      title: olive spread appetizers
 categories: spanish, appetizer
   servings: 50
       9 c  sliced black olives
       3 c  toasted walnuts
     3/4 c  mayonnaise
       1 t  fresh thyme
     1/2 t  white pepper
      50    bread slice
       1 c  black olive
 combine sliced black olives and walnuts in a food processor process to
 mince very finely
 add mayonnaise and process to mix well
 add thyme-mix well
 season to taste with white pepper
 flatten each bread slice with a rolling pin
 spread 2 tablespoons olive mixture onto each bread slice rollup tightly
 as for a jelly roll
 wrap in plastic and chill for 2-96 hours
 cut each roll on the bias, into four pieces
 garnish with olive slivers
 serve slightly chilled or at room temperature