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       Title: Joan Lunden’s Bruschetta & Crostini
  Categories: Appetizers, Breads, Vegetables, Low-cal
       Yield: 24 Pieces
       1    Thin baguette or loaf of
            Italian bread (1/2 slice)
            Nonstick olive or vegetable
            Oil spray
            ===MUSHROOM TOPPING===
       2 ts Butter or vegetable oil
       1 md Onion; chop fine
     1/2 lb Mushrooms; chop coarse
     1/2 ts Dried thyme
       1 tb Dry sherry
     1/2 c  Chicken broth
       1 tb Fresh parsley or chives; opt
            Salt and pepper
   BRUSCHETTA-Prepare a grill or heat a grill pan and spray it with the spray.
   Arrange the bread on the grill 4 from the coals (or right on the grill
   pan) and grill it for about 2 minutes a side or until it is lightly
   browned. CROSTINI-Arrange the bread in 1 layer on a baking sheet and toast
   it in a preheated 400~ oven for 10 minutes or until it is golden. TOPPING-
   In a nonstick pan, cook the oven in the butter over moderately low heat for
   5 minutes or until the onion is softened. Add the mushrooms and cook the
   mixture over moderate heat for 5 minutes, or until most of the liquid the
   mushrooms give off has evaporated. Add the thyme, sherry and broth and
   simmer the mixture until it is reduced by half. Stir in the parsley or
   chives, if using, and salt and pepper to taste. Place a heaping teaspoon on
   each bruschetta or each of the crostini.
        90    cal; 2 gr fat; 20% fat.
   Source: Joan Lunden’s Healthy Cooking.
      MM Waldine Van Geffen vghc42a.