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       Title: Giardinera
  Categories: Appetizers
       Yield: 3 quarts
       1 sm Head cauliflower                    3 c  White-wine or rice vinegar
       2 md Red peppers                     2 1/2 c  Water
       1 md Yellow pepper                       4 tb Sea salt or Kosher salt
       2    Ribs celery                         4    Cloves garlic
       3 sm Pickling cucumbers                  2 sm Chile pods
       1 lb Carrots (baby carrots are          12    Peppercorns
            -especially nice)                   8 lg Sprigs fresh dill
       2    3 sm. Japanese eggplants                 Olive oil to top off
   Thoroughly clean and trim the vegetables, removing all blemishes, seeds,
   ribs from inside the peppers, and tough stems. Cut the vegetables into
   uniform sizes: 2 in. pieces, and baby carrots can be left whole. Blanch the
   eggplant for 1 min. in boiling salted water. Pack all vegetables snugly
   into a clean glass jar with a clamp lid. In a glass or ceramic bowl, mix
   the vinegar, water, salt, and seasonings. Pour the mixture over the
   vegetables to completely submerge them. Make more pickling liquid if
   necessary. Top off with a 1/2 in. layer of olive oil. Store in a cool
   pantry for two weeks before eating.
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