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       Title: Pisang Goreng
  Categories: Appetizers
       Yield: 4 servings
       1 c  All purpose flour                   1 c  Water
       1 ts Baking powder                       1 ea Egg beaten
       1 ea Pinch of salt                       4 ea Ripe bananas peeled halved
     1/2 c  10% cream                           1 c  Brown sugar
       1 tb Butter                              2 tb Dark rum
   Mix the flour, water, baking powder, egg and salt and let sit for about 20
   minutes.  This is your batter. Dip the banana halves in the batter and deep
   fry in vegetable oil at 325 degrees F for about 5 minutes or until the
   batter is golden brown.  Remove the bananas from the oil and allow to
   drain. Meanwhile mix the cream, brown sugar and butter together in a sauce
   pan and cook over medium heat until the sugar has dissoved. Add the rum and
   be sure the sauce doesn't boil. Place some vanilla ice cream on a plate.
   Place a banana over the ice cream and pour a generous amount of rum sauce
   over the dessert. Serve while the banana is still hot.