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       Title: Quick Barshch
  Categories: Appetizers, Soups/stews, Beef
       Yield: 6 servings
       2 ea 10 oz cans beef broth               2 ea 1 lb cans red beets
       1 c  Water                               1 tb Lemon juice
       1 ts Sugar                             1/8 ts Pepper
       1 x  Dash of garlic powder               1 x  Salt to taste
     1/2 c  Red table wine                 
   Patties Dilute the broth using the juice from the red beets instead of
   water.  Put aside the beets for other uses.  Add 1 cup water.  Cook the
   barshch for 5 minutes.  Season.  Add wine.  Serve in cups with Patties.