2 tblsp      butter
 seasoning to taste
 2 1/2 tblsp  butter or oil
 1/2 cup      basil (fresh if possible)
 1/3 cup      cheese (parmesean or romano)
 2            cloves garlic
 2-3          sliced roma tomatoes
 1/4 cup      white wine
 1/2 cup sliced onion
 1 can minced clams (or shrimp)
 Remember: This is Italian food.  You can be liberal with the
 Take baguette of herbed bread.  Slice into approx 1 thick pieces. 
 Cover BOTH surfaces with butter (seasoned is best -- we use basil,
 oregano, garlic and pepper).  Place slices on a baking pan. 
 In a small saucepan, combine wine, oil/butter, garlic (and clams) and
 simmer for five minutes.  Add basil (and parmesan or romano cheese) and
 heat for about a minute and then remove from heat.  Let stand until
 Spoon pesto over the bread (don't waste any :) ) Put sliced tomatoes on
 top and cover with slice of mozzarella. 
 Place baking pan in the oven and broil until the cheese starts to brown.