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  Categories: Garlic, Appetizers
       Yield: 8 servings
       1 lb Low-fat Cottage Cheese
       1 lb Cheese *
       1 ea Purree **
       2 c  Plain Yogurt
   *    Use either fresh, white goat cheese (Motrachet or
   Boucheron (scrape off coating of wood ash or buy
   without.) preferably), or use Cream Cheese. **  Use
   the puree from 2 heads of Roasted Garlic.
   ~----------------- Rub the cottage cheese through a
   sieve into a mixing bowl. With a wooden spoon, or
   electric mixer, beat the goat cheese and the garlic
   puree into the cottage cheese.  Beat in the yogurt.
   Line 8 coure a la creme molds with damp cheesecloth,
   allowing an overhang. Spoon mixture into molds, wrap
   an place on rack over a deep plate. Refrigerate
   overnight to drain. Unwrap and unmold onto 8 small
   plates.  Discard Cheesecloth. Serve with thin brown
   bread, toast, or bagels and slices of smoked salmon,
   if desired. SAVORY CREME:
   Lacking coeur a la creme molds, spoon mixture into a
   cheesecloth lined colander and refrigerate overnight
   to drain.  Unmold onto a serving platter and allow
   each diner to scoop off a portion.