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       Title: HAM PINWHEELS
  Categories: Appetizers
       Yield: 1 servings
       1    Cream cheese, softened
       1 ts Onion, gratred
       1 ts Horseradish
       1 ds Worcestershire sauce
     100    Ham, slices
   Blend cream cheese, onion, horseradish and
   Worcestershire sauce until of spreading consistency.
   Separate meat slices.  Lay out five slices slightly
   overlapping on an 18 piece of aluminum foil.  Lay out
   two more rows to form a rectangle of meat.  Spread
   with cheese mixture. Roll up as jelly roll using foil
   to bring up meat at beginning of roll. Use fingers to
   roll until complete.  Chill. Just before serving,
   slice into one inch slices. Can be used with Corned
   Beef or Smoked Beef as well. Source: Gail Teichmann