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       Title: Appetizer Kabobs
  Categories: Appetizers
       Yield: 3 servings
   Wrap 1 inch cubes of sharp process American cheese in partially cooked
   slices of bacon.  Wash fresh mushrooms, don't soak or peel, or use
   canned mushroom crowns.  Alternate bacon cheese cubes and mushrooms
   on skewers along with stuffed green olives and cocktail weiners.
   Leave a little space between tidbits on the skewer.  Rotate over
   coals till bacon and mushrooms are done and cheese is melty.  Brush
   mushrooms with melted butter or margarine, or salad oil while
   cooking. Tastes good with catsup, mustard or soy sauce added.
   From: Randy Rigg                      Date: 10 Feb 96