2 cartons natural yogurt
 1 large onion
 About 8 oz mushrooms - field mushrooms are fine, or shii take, or a
 Make yogurt cheese by draining the yogurt through a hanky for 24
 hours in the fridge.  Next day, chop onion and saute in a little water.
 Add mushrooms, which will eventually give off some liquid - simmer until
 this has evaporated, stirring all the time.
 Season to taste, then place in food processor, add yogurt cheese, and blend.
 You could use low-fat cream cheese, if you preferred, or drained fromage
 frais.  My mother would add about 2 tsp melted butter to this, to make
 it set, but I didn't bother - it is quite spreadable as it is.  Keep in
 the fridge.
 My mother makes an infinite variety of pates with low-fat cream cheese
 as a base - trout (she adds a squirt of tomato paste for colour), 
 pheasant, liver, you name it - she basically adds whatever the main 
 ingredient is to cream cheese - obviously if it’s meat or fish it has
 already been cooked in some way - processes it, seasons to taste, and she
 always adds melted butter to help it set, but you really don't have to,
 if you don't mind it a little runny.