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  Categories: Appetizers, Vegetables
       Yield: 94 servings
       2 tb Olive or vegetable oil
   1 1/4 c  Frozen chopped onions
       2 tb Olive or vegetable oil
       1 lb White mushrooms; trimmed,
            - wiped, & finely chopped
            - (See NOTE)
     2/3 c  Grated Parmesan cheese
       2 ts Dried chervil leaves
            - crumbled
            Freshly ground black pepper
       1 lb All-butter puff pastry
            - defrosted according to
            - package directions
   IN A LARGE HEAVY SKILLET, heat 2 tablespoons of oil
   over medium-high heat until hot but not smoking. Add
   the onions and saute them until just limp, about 3 to
   4 minutes. Add the remaining oil, then stir in the
   mushrooms. Adjust the heat to high and cook the
   mushrooms until the moisture has almost completely
   evaporated, 7 minutes, stirring often. Remove the pan
   from the heat, stir in the cheese, chervil and pepper,
   and set the filling aside while rolling out the
   pastry. Lightly flour a clean workspace. Unfold the
   pastry and dust lightly with flour. Using a floured
   rolling pin, roll the pastry into a rectangle about
   12-by-18 inches. Cut the rectangle into 2 long
   rectangles measuring 6-by-18 inches each. Brush off
   the excess flour, and spread half of the mushroom
   mixture over each rectangle, leaving a 1-inch border
   at the uppermost edges. Starting with the bottom long
   edge, roll up each rectangle jelly roll fashion gently
   pressing the top edge to seal the pastry. Carefully
   wrap the rolls tightly in plastic wrap or foil.
   Flatten each roll slightly by pushing gently on the
   sides so the spirals will be oval-shaped, and
   refrigerate until the pastry is firm, at least 2
   hours. This may be done up to 4 days ahead of time.
   Preheat oven to 375F, and line a cookie sheet (or 2 if
   you have them) with baking parchment. Remove the rolls
   from the refrigerator as you are ready to cut them.
   With a sharp knife, cut the rolls crosswise into
   3/8-inch slices. Place each oval onto the parchment,
   leaving 1 1/2 inches of space between them. Transfer
   the pan (s) to the middle of the oven, and bake until
   the tops are lightly browned. With a spatula, turn the
   spirals over and continue cooking until the second
   side is lightly browned and the centers are cooked
   through. If using 2 pans, rotate the pans during
   baking for even baking. Remove the pans, slide the
   swirls onto a rack to cool, and continue in the same
   fashion until all the swirls are baked. Serve warm.
   NOTE: If using your food processor to chop mushrooms,
   you will be far more successful if you pulse them
   several times to reach the desired consistency rather
   than let the machine run. Over-processed mushrooms are
   often watery and will not brown.