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  Categories: Appetizers, Oriental, Snacks
       Yield: 3 cups
       2 c  Baba ganouj
       1 c  Black Greek olives, pitted &
            -- finely chopped
       1 ts Zahter*
            Olive oil
            Parsley, chopped
            Pita wedges
   Put baba ganouj in a bowl & fold in chopped olives &
   zahter.  Blend thoroughly & adjust seasonings if
   necessary.  Cover & refrigerate. Before serving,
   drizzle with olive oil & garnish with parsley.  Serve
   with pita wedges.
   * Zahter is a Middle Eastern blend of marjoram, thyme,
   sesame seeds & sumac seeds found in good Middle
   Eastern grocery stores.  Substitute if you want by
   using the following blend: 1 ts toasted sesame seeds,
   powdered marjoram, powdered thyme, freshly grated
   lemon rind & some salt.