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  Categories: Appetizers, Eggs
       Yield: 36 servings
      36    Egg; hard boiled
       2    Dill, fresh bunch; roughly
       2    Pickle, dill spears; bottle
       2 lg Onion, yellow; sliced
       1    Pepper, green bell; julienne
       2    Pepper, red bell; julienne
       1 qt Vinegar, cider
       1 qt ;Water
            Cloves, whole; small handful
   Drain pickle juice into large pan.  Add cider, water, cloves and dill.
   Bring liquid mixture to full boil; then reduce heat to simmer for 45
   minutes to one hour (make sure you can open the windows, it’s rather
   fragrant). Place eggs, vegetable slices and pickle spears into large
   glass or hard plastic container (large ice cream pail works well).
   Strain liquid mixture through a pasta colander and pour liquid over
   eggs and vegetables. Let sit for 24-36 hours at room temperature. The
   eggs will be a very, very bright yellow and have a wonderful dill
   flavor the whole way through.  The vegetables and pickles will have a
   dill flavor never before experienced -- and can be eaten separately
   or used as a complimentary garnish.
   OPTIONALLY, once the eggs are dill pickled you can use the brilliant
   yellow eggs to make an attractive and different deviled egg ... just
   be sure to use an increased amount of dry mustard and horseradish to
   meet the flavor of the dill.
                                   -- Gary M. Hite