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       Title: Quick Turkey Appetizers (Gtc)
  Categories: Appetizers, Poultry
       Yield: 48 Servings
       6    Flour tortillas (10 inches)
       4 t  Olive oil
       1 c  Salsa
       1 lb Deli smoked turkey, sliced
            And cut into 1/4 inch
       1 md Tomato, chopped
       2 T  Chopped cilantro
   1 1/2 T  Chopped black olives
     1/2 t  Crushed red pepper flakes
       1 c  Grated Monterey jack cheese
   Place tortillas on two 12x14 inch baking sheets.  Lightly brush both
   sides of tortillas with oil.  Bake tortillas at 400øF for 3 minutes;
   remove from oven.
   Spread salsa evenly over center of each tortilla, to within 1/2 inch
   of edge.  Sprinkle turkey, tomato, cilantro, olives, red pepper, and
   cheese evenly over salsa on each tortilla.  Bake tortills for 10-12
   minutes longer or until cheese melts.
   To serve, slice tortillas in eighths.
   Nutritional Analysis per serving/item: Calories 55 Protein 4 gm Fat 2
   gm Carbohydrate 6 gm       Sodium 163 mg           Cholesterol 6 mg
   From:  The Great Turkey Cookbook Virginia and Robert Hoffman Crossing
   Press, 1995
   Entered by:  Lawrence Kellie Sat 11-30-1996 at 15:04:50
   Use What Part of Turkey:  Deli
   From: Lawrence Kellie                 Date: 31 Dec 96