Sausage, Peppers & Polenta    No. 1829                 Yields 2 Servings
      3 Slices    Polenta                                Roasted, Peeled,
        -         Parmesan, Grated                       Seeded, Cored & Sliced
      2           Italian Sweet Sausage    1/4 Cup       Marinara Sauce
      2 Cloves    Garlic, Minced                         Provolone, Grated
      1           Red Bell Pepper,
 Preheat the broiler.
 Prepare the polenta as usual, finishing with a generous sprinkle of grated
 Parmesan while still hot.
 Let the polenta cool.
 Cut each slice in half diagonally, forming triangles.
 Blanch the sweet Italian sausages and slice thinly.
 Combine the sausage, bell pepper slices and minced garlic with the Marinara
 Heat through.
 Spoon the sauce over the polenta.
 Top with a very generous grating of Provolone.
 Heat the dish under the broiler just until the cheese melts.