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                           TEMPURA ,JAPANESE WAY
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 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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                         Koromo ( batter )
    1                    Egg beaten
    1       c            “cold” water
    2       tb           Dry white wine
    1       c            Flour
                         Tentsuyu (dipping sauce)
    1       tb           Dashi no moto ( fish stock)
    1       c            Water
    2       tb           Mirin ( sweet rice wine )
                         Or 1 tbs sugar
    2       tb           Sake ( or dry white wine )
      1/4   c            Soy sauce
                         Ginger root to taste
                         Vegetables & fish: EX:
                         Carrots, onions, mushrooms
                         Peppers, zucchini, snow pea,
                         Squash, eggplant etc. etc.
                         “okra ”
                         Shrimps, crab, scallops,
                         Squid, cod. etc. etc.
   Before you begin here a few essential tips to
   remember: youUll need a deep thick wall pan ( wok o.k.
   ), filled with 1 inch of peanut oil preferred ( Never
   lard or shortening ),slice vegetables thin enough for
   even cooking, fry in small batches and never crowd,
   and have the temperature of the oil from 340 for
   vegetables or 360 degrees for fish. Cold water in
   batter is a must to keep the flour from being sticky
   .Do a trial try of frying so youUll know how long
   vegetables or fish need to cook. Author did not
   mention  poultry but I surmise it would be cooked as
   the fish is. Vegetables and fish were the initial
   things cooked  this way in the history of tempura due
   to their trade with the Portuguese and Dutch
   merchants.  Make the batter: Beat egg with water. Mix
   in flour and  whisk quickly. Set aside. Make the
   tempura dip: Boil  the dashi no moto ( this is a dried
   soup stock from  fish or poultry usually contained in
   tea bag type of  packing )in the water for 2 or 3
   minutes. Turn off the  heat and add all the remaining
   ingredients. Prepare  the vegetables or fish but
   cutting into rings, strips,  cubes etc. For fish,
   dredge in flour before dipping in  batter. Vegetables
   are just dipped into the batter.  Let excess batter
   drip off with either fish or vegetables.( meanwhile
   you will have had the oil  preheated in the pan to the
   right temperature for  either fish or vegetables Drop
   into oil by hand or use  a tbs for vegetable cubes.
   Take the vegetables or fish  out of the oil when
   slightly browned. Serve the  tempura with the Tentsuyu
   dip along with rice.Place  rice in a bowl, top with
   tempura and a few tbs. of the  tentsuyu dip. Or serve
   tempura over Japanese noodles (  soba ).
   Note all Japanese ingredients may be found  readily in
   most supermarkets or gourmet grocers today.  Also,
   there are other variations in frying tempura;
   this is one basic historic method. Prior to using
   peanut oil, sesame seed oil was used mainly when
   tempura first became popular in Japan, over 400 years
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