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       Title: TEMPURA
  Categories: Appetizers
       Yield: 5 servings
       1 lb Shrimp;prepared w/tails
       1 c  Asparagus; 1 pieces
       1 c  Carrots; 1/4 slices
       1 c  Celery; 1/4 slices
       1 c  Cauliflower; flowerettes
       1 c  Zucchini; 1/2x2 sticks
       1 c  Green beans; 2 pieces
       1 c  Green Onions; 2 pieces
       1    Bell pepper; cut into rings
       1    Onion; medium, cut into ring
       1    Parsley; bunch
       1 c  Snow Peas
       1    Sweet potato; 1/8 slices
            Vegetable oil
        Make several crosswise slits on the underside of
   shrimp to prevent curling.  Parboil green beans.  Pat
   shrimp and vegetables dry; arrange on platter; cover
   and refridgerate until serving time. Prepare batter
   and sauce recipes.  Do not make batter recipe too far
   ahead of time.
        Heat oil in a wok to 360 degrees.  Dep shrimp and
   vegetables into batter with tongs; allow excess batter
   to drip into bowl. Fry a few pieces at a time until
   golden brown, turning once (cooking time approximately
   2-3 minutes).     This is best prepared close to or at
   the table. It is great fun to have a “tempura party”
   with guests cooking their own. Serve with sauce and
   rice. (you may need more batter mix depending on the
   amounts of seafood and vegetables you prepare).  Does
   not keep well once cooked.
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